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This morning, the Palestinian people received the heart wrenching news of the passing of Khader Adnan after eighty six days of hunger strike to protest his unlawful detention by the Israeli occupation regime;

This was Khader Adnan’s 5th and last grand stand against the systemic persecution of Palestinian civilians under the so-called administrative detention regime, which Israel has used to imprison more than 52,000 Palestinians over the past 56 years of illegal Israeli occupation;

The State of Palestine holds Israel, the occupying power, directly responsible for this tragedy, which is nothing short of premeditated murder, and warns of the imminent danger facing other Palestinians on hunger strike to protest their unlawful detention;

Palestine also demands the immediate and unconditional release of Khader Adnan’s body so that he may be buried in dignity and freedom;

The Israeli occupation regime watched as Khader Adnan starved to death demanding for his treatment. It ignored appeals and warnings by doctors and waited for him to die alone in agony, even denying him the basic right of family visits;

The occupying power is guilty of documented systemic and widespread grave violations of international law in its treatment of Palestinian prisoners;

Israel's oppression of Palestinian detainees includes torture and other cruel and inhumane treatment, sham trials, and unlawful detention outside the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem;

Israel is guilty of these heinous crimes and Palestine will spare no effort to hold Israeli officials responsible for this murder and other crimes; 

History will record that a Palestinian father of nine died hungry for freedom, embodying his people’s just and noble quest for emancipation from a brutal and criminal settler colonial regime that has ruled them against their will for over half a century; 

History will also recall the deafening silence of the international community towards the prolific persecution of Palestinian prisoners. It will not be kind.

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